Sue Saunders. Saint Michaels University School.


Выставка Образование в Канаде и США

С 27 ноября по 3 декабря 2005 года НОУ "Учебная группа ЗНАНИЕ-ЦЕНТР" проводило передвижную выставку частных школ США и Канады по городам Москва – Казань – Самара.
Целью выставки было предоставить студентам достоверную информацию о системе образования США и Канады, а также информацию о программах подготовки к поступлению как в частные школы, так и в университеты в этих странах. 
В выставке принимали участие: Albert College Boarding School, ESH Language School, Fulford Academy, St. Andrew's College, St. Johnsbury Academy, St. Michaels University School, Stanstead College.

Мы публикуем отзыв участника выставки госпожи Sue Saunders, которая является директором приемной комиссии Saint Michaels University School 

It was an excellent trip and fantastic experience for me as a Director and as a Canadian.You are right in saying how hard we worked together and especially all those wonderful people from your three offices who were connected with the Rolling Fair.The trip met my expectations and I learned many things I did not expect to learn.I have your Znaniye team to thank for that.

Our schools have very high expectations for our enrolment.You have paved the way for us to connect with potential students from Russia.This was my major goal and I feel that the steps to achieving this are clear and feasible.The opportunity to meet so many of the Znaniye Centre staff was invaluable and to have them assist us at the school visits was mutually beneficial.The professionalism of the Fairs and the visits was very much appreciated.The advertising and communication materials, summary sheets, handbook and signage were also of a very professional level.

Sue Saunders
Director of Admissions
Saint Michaels University School

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